Monday, September 04, 2006

Official 1st Week

Tomorrow is Dear Husband's (DH) official first week of retirement. This past weekend we went to the coast for 2 days and one evening. We went to Cannon Beach and Seaside and spent the evening at Seaside. It was quite cool in Cannon Beach but Seaside was warm and sunny. We had a nice time eventhough it was brief. Our little Harry Barker spent the time at the kennel. This evening Harry doesn't seem to be feeling very well. We'll see how is he is in the morning. If no better DH will take him to the vet. Poor little guy is cold and not eating. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow. ==== Been straightening up the house today and nearly have it all tidied up. ==== Dear Son and daughter-in-law will arrive end of this coming week. ==== Next Sunday is DH's retirement party we will be having at our local pizza place. There should be about 30-35 people. We have decorations and one time cameras for folks to take pix at the "do". Should be a fun time. ==== Now we can start looking forward to my retirement this coming March. Its going to be a long 6 months but certainly will be worth it!!! ==== Better go, have to get up early. Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! ==== Stine