Friday, September 30, 2005

Once More Into The Breech

Good Morning All - What a joke. I don't believe a single person has discovered this ridiculous blog of mine. But thats ok by me. --- Have you seen all the knitted babes over at the blog. What a fit. They are all so cute! I've nearly finished the body of my second "Babe". I'm using a thinner yarn this time so she will be quite a bit smaller. She will have an asian look as I'm using a light yellow yarn and plan to make her eyes look asian also. Not quite sure just how I'll do that. We'll see how she turns out. --- Its raining today. First we've had in quite a while. I'd forgotten what a pain in the tush it is to have to carry a bumbershoot. Plus there was a bit of wind as I was walking to the bus stop and now my bangs are all wonky. Of course, they will stay that way all day. Crap. --- My boss is gone most of today. I'm hoping to get my desk and such all tidied up today. Only one more week until we are on vacation for a week. I want everything at my desk all put away before I leave. DS says Indiana will be gorgeous this time of year with all the trees changing. --- Did I tell you we have a large portion of our Christmas shopping all finished? Stop frowning like that, your face will freeze that way! Yeppers, its true. Then next week we will receive our Christmas Club check from the credit union. Then we can get out those catalogs we've been perusing and order fun stuff for ourselves and our nearest & dearest. I already have wrapping paper purchased. Only need some ribbon and stickon type "To/From" labels. I can probably get them at the "Dollar Tree". I'm sure they have their Christmas stuff out already, or pretty darn soon. --- Better go for today. Gotta get started on the tidying up of the 'ol cubicle. --- Have a wonderful weekend! -Stine

Friday, September 23, 2005

Phew! Finally Friday!

Happy Friday all!!! Didn't think it would ever get here. Yesterday the boss sent out an email to all & sundry that on Oct 18 our Div would have a "Clean-Up Day". Its mandatory for everyone. No regular work on that day - no excuses. The Manager's are springing for pizza & soda. Two weeks before this takes place the Section Support staff will go thru their section & the common areas and put tags on boxes, piles of papers, etc. The tags will list who it belongs to. That person will have 2 weeks to decide what needs to happen to it - recycle, trash, storage, etc. If nothing is done with it by Oct 18 - it gets pitched! Since I'm in the Admin Section (5 people), There isn't a lot to do, other than our own cubicles. But there is a supply room CHOCK FULL of stuff. Well, I tackled that yesterday. I threw away lots of OLD stuff that had been on the shelves for years, straightened all the shelves, threw out old nasty binders, etc. Had my boss take a look and she actually hugged me. Well, it does look nice. Today I will be straightening my cube. I will be going on vacation the week of Oct 10 and I want it to look good before I go. Then when I get back it will be the week of "Clean-Up Day". I want all our (Admin's) stuff done well ahead of time. Then I don't have to worry about it any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also going to start another of the "Knitted Babes" (see Grayling, above). But this one will be more with an Asian look to her. I need to figure out how to make her eyes look Asian. When I have knitted on her body to where her hair would be, I am going to knit her head the color of her hair. That way when I do add some hair she won't have scalp showing. I think I'll give her the typical square cut. Then I'll add a few pieces of yarn for her bangs. I think that will look cute. I meant to start on her this morning on the way to work on the train, but I left the body pattern at home. But I did have the pattern for knitting her a tank top, so I started on that instead. Better go knit on that top. Have a good Friday and grand weekend! -Stine

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Grayling Starr

Good Morning! Wanted to share my latest knitting project. Her name is Grayling Starr. She is a "Knitted Babe" from the book of the same name. She is knitted in the round and her arms & legs are I-cord.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So mortified!

Last Saturday DH & I went to the coast for the day. After we got home we were really exhausted (fairly long drive) - so we went to bed early. Move on to Tuesday - today. I got an email from our DS D (dear son D). Always happy to get emails from him! So I opened it and he was asking how was the concert on Saturday evening? Concert, what concert? OH CRAP! He and his lovely wife got us tickets for a Lord of the Rings concert for our wedding anniversary. It was for last Saturday evening and in our exhaustion we completely spaced it! I called DH and told him about the email. I said "What do we do?" He said -well I won't tell you what he said. But I sent an email to DS and told him the truth and how terrible we both felt. (So embarrassing!!!) I offered to repay him for the tickets but he said "Its your gift and you did with it what you wanted" Well not really. We had every intention of going to the concert. I tried to be pitiful and tell him we are getting older and tend to forget things, but I don't think it did much good. More later.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday in the mines

I finally did it. I have my own blog and no one in the world will ever read it. Why in the world have I done this? I could never keep a diary when I was a kid or a journal when that was all the rage. I just never have a lot to say - on paper, or screen. I have no problem talking to people - unless I just met them and then I spend all my time trying to remember what their name is. I'm never successful at remembering names. I used to have a lot of penpals (about 35). But now its down to about 4 and I owe all of them letters. I'm just not in the mood to write letters. I email my friend G. We talk a lot. She just retired and is really busy most of the time so the emails have slowed down a bit. M (dear hubby) and I went to the coast on Sat. We stopped and had a nice breakfast at the Indian casino and then continued on to the coast. The weather was beautiful with just a touch of Autumn in the air. We hit the outlet mall - along with EVERYONE else in the state. I thought all the shopping was done for a while. I think there were a lot of tourists and they were buying lots. Good for them. Leave you money here and then go home. We had a Governor who actually said that, years ago. Well, when your state has no sales tax, people like to come visit. Lets see - my interests are reading, exciting movies, crafts - knitting & crochet - crafts in general. I made a "Knitted Babe" over the weekend. She turned out really well and she is pretty funny looking. I'll have to put a pix of her on this page - whenever I figure out how to do that. Things have been fairly crazy at work today. Only 3 weeks til our vacation. We're going to visit our son & new wife in Indiana - oh and our "Grand-dog" Lucy. Our son D said October in Indiana is beautiful. We've not taken a vacation in 7 months so we are really ready for some time off. More later - Froglegs