Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've been sewing some bags. They are all cotton
with a bit of batting between the inside and outside.
I did a bit of hand stitching on the sides of this one, around the circles and added a button in the middle of the circle.
The smaller bag has a black background with autumn leaves, and fruits and pumpkins. I did some stitching on some of the leaves and along the lines of the pumpkins. This bag also has batting between the inside and outside. Also, this bag has gold sparkles on the outside. You can just see a few of them toward the middle of the bag.
I also made a few small cotton wallets and small zipper bags.
Now that I've made a few of each of these, and have tried a couple different patterns, I know which patterns I like and what I'm doing and they make up fairly quickly.
What do you think?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blogaversary Winner

Over at Trashalou was a blogaversary recently. She had a drawing and guess whose name floated to the top? Thats right - Mine! When hubs brought in the mail today there was a lovely box from far away.

Once I tore it open, this little fellow popped his head out. What a cutie monkey.

Our dog, Harry Barker tried to call dibs on him, but I beat him to it! There were two lovely balls of yarn that should make some wonderful monkeys. Last but not least - SWEETS - one of which is not there to be seen. I ate it right off! Nummers.

Thanks Trash, what a fun box of goodies!

I really enjoy your blog!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Zips R Us

Good Morning! I recently purchased a couple of patterns to make some bags and a couple to make some wallets. I dug out all my fun fabric (all cotton) and washed it (get rid of the sizing) and so it won't shrink any more. Then after looking at the patterns decided I needed a few zips. I went to ebay and just happened upon a box of zips that were down to the last 15 minutes. The lot of them had started at $.99. When I found it, the price was about $3.00. After a few last minute bids, I got the box of zips for $9.00. I know that sounds a bit much but when you consider a zipper is several dollars each, I figured I'd gotten a pretty good deal.
About a week later when hubs had gone to get the mail, he came in with this very heavy box and said "What is this?" I said it was a "few" zippers that I'd won on ebay.
So I opened the lid of the box. I was amazed at how many were jammed in there. There was a little note tucked inside from the seller, letting me know that they had included a few extra zips "as a bonus". There are short, long, plastic, metal, small teeth to HUGE teeth, every color and every length.
Just so you know what a bargain I got, have a look at them all sitting on my computer.
Guess how many are there? Go on, guess!
Give up? Well with the "Bonus" zippers, there are well over 300 zips. If I lay them end to end, I could probably go the moon and back!
I think I have enough to pick from for making my new projects. Probably won't EVER have to purchase another zip as long as I live. I know, I will leave them to someone in my will. Such a bargain!
Have a good day, we'll talk some more later!