Monday, October 27, 2008

Its all done!

You thought I meant all the boxes have been emptied and everything put away?! HA! Not pickin likely, my friends!!! No, what I refer to is that all the things that needed fixing in our place have been taken care of by the landlord and his workmen. New toilet in the master bath, new switch for the garbage disposal (thats all it was) and the faucets for the washer no longer lead (everywhere). Thanks guys! Also the new washer was delivered this morning and I've been washing lots of things and it works like a champ! Its an LG (Life's Good). Tomorrow we are going to try and get an Ohio drivers license. We'll see how that goes. I went by Hobby Lobby this afternoon (what a fun store!!!). I found a few pix for the walls. Had a look at some of the Christmas decorations. Wow, that could take hours. . . . Better go, need my sleep for the written test for a new license (I hope).

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I was less thn kind about the new owner where we now live. He has been by and has sent his plumber by to have a look-see. The plumber will be by today and replace the cracked toilet, put in a new garbage disposal and fix the leaking knob in the laundry room. Thank you owner - you are looking after things! Our things finally arrived this past Friday. How that driver ooched that 18-wheeler into the cul-d'sac I'll never know - but he did it really well. The guys got everything unloaded in about 4 hours. The furniture is all in the house and in the correct rooms. The garage is full of all the boxes and boxes and boxes. The new tv is hooked up to Directv but as yet, we haven't been able to find the Directv box. It will probably be in the LAST PICKING BOX. My sister says to find the box that looks like its the last one and look in it now. The kitchen is a complete shambles - boxes everywhere and "stuff" all over the sideboards. I'm working on the kitchen today. Its hard trying to decide where to put things. I went thru things while packing and lots went to the Goodwill. I've started another Goodwill pile of things we just don't have room for. The 2nd bedroom seems to be getting lots of boxes that "I'll go thru later". Goodgrief, this is going to take forever. I did put up some pictures yesterday. It really makes a room look finished. I took a few pixs of the chaos but I haven't been able to find the cord to hook the camera to the computer - its probably in the box with the directv box (sigh) Oh the "best" (not) thing yet. Went to do a load of wash and the washer was acting strange. Called "The Appliance Man". He came out to have a look. He asked if we had stabilized the washer before it was moved? Do what? Its a front loader and that is supposed to be done before its moved. Seems there are these large cement weights inside (for whatever reason) and the moving smashed them all to heck. When the repairman open up the front panel on the washer all these bits and pieces of cement and electronic parts fell out (that is a bad thing). He just sighed and said it would be less expensive to buy a new washer - which we did. Its being delivered today. Today I will be calling the movers to see if we can get any money for our wrecked washer. I'm not holding my breath. I better go work on the kitchen. I probably should do something with my hair before any deliverymen show up - I look a little wild right now. More later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why is it. . ?

OK, so we found a new place (you remember, the 4-plex). SO we got the keys from the owner. He showed us around - the garbage disposal didn't work (he'd have his guy fix it), the house had not been cleaned (he called WHOEVER and said to come by and clean the house) - We finally have moved in with a card table and two chairs (from our son's basement), we purchased one of those blowup beds - amazingly its very comfy and will be great when my sister and family come to visit (but can be put away in the closet when not needed). The garbage disposal still doesn't work and the house had not been cleaned. Well, its been cleaned now - we did it!! Why is it when the owner gets his sheckles you don't hear from him again? Creep. He seemed nice - silly me! I sent him a nice l;ittle note with a list of the things that need looking into - as yet no word from the owner. I believe our things should arrive this coming week. I called them and of course, their total still owed is not the same total I was given by the fellow who picked up our stuff 3 weeks ago - and what can you do, they have your stuff held hostage! So we will pay it - CRAP!(again) But its all worth it to be able to see our son and his wife and to hold their son Miles! He is soo sweet and cute. Of course he is smart as a whip! We stopped by a garage sale out in the middle of NO WHERE (that being Ohio or Indiana) and found a great little rocking horse for $3. Its not very tall so Miles won't get hurt on it. Did I tell you about Ohio and Indiana? No, well let me say this - the people are wonderful and friendly. The roads are long and straight and there are farms EVERYWHERE. Its either corn or soybeans and between the fields are cows, horses, some goats and some llamas and of course the farmers homes. Every so often you run into a town at the end of these long straight roads. Also on these long straight roads are a lot of roadkill. I'm asuming the dead animals are the ones being culled from the pack because they aren't smart enough to get across the road safely. I've seen possums, skunks, lots of raccoons, a few red foxes, a couple of deer, a few cats and lots of squirrels. My sister and family are coming to visit in November for Thanksgiving. We're excited for them to visit. We have several fun places to take them - like Ritters the most wonderful ice cream place - its custard ice cream - oh my, to die for!!! There is a fun antique mall in Centerville that takes several hours to walk thru and try to see everything. There is a place in Hamilton called Jungle Jims. Its the worlds largest grocery store. What a fun place. Besides the regular food stuffs, veggies, fruits, meat, frozen foods, etc. they is a huge international section. You look down an aisle and see "Indian" "Asian" "Hispanic" and whatever other nationalities. There is a kitchen gadget section that goes on forever. Pots and pans, a huge cheese section, a sushi takeout section, and more and more to see. Better go, need to see if the wax on the kitchen floor is dry. Glad that job is done! Crap-job, let me tell you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Big Move!!

Been gone a while! We decided to sell our home and move from Oregon to Indiana. Why? you ask? We wanted to be closer to our son and his family (our only grandchild Miles). We wanted to be involved in their lives and not be the grandparents Miles aw once a year. We put our home up for sale on Friday. Sat. the realtor called and asked if he could bring someone by - eventhough the house was a shambles and not ready for anyone to see it (packing boxes everywhere!!). We said "Sure, come on over". The lady liked the house and they left. During the next week I got the house squared away and cleared all the counters so it would look as large as possible. The following Sat. (1 week later) the same lady came by and was pleased with what she saw and kept commenting on "how large" the house was. She made an offer, we countered and we hade a deal. Two weeks later we signed, got our check and 3 days later the movers hauled our things away. We loaded our car with the basics, put the dog in his car seat and away we went toward Indiana. We discovered we could only drive about 8 hours a day (about 350 miles). That was all we could handle. It took us 6 days from Oregon to Indiana. We are staying at our sons home until our things arrive. But we did find a new place to live,. Its on a cul-d'sac (sp?). Its one of a 4 plex. All on ground level. It has all the things we were looking for - air conditioning, washer/dryer hookup, & takes dogs. Most all the neighbors are retired so it should be fairly quiet. We're hoping to move in within the week. Once we're settled, I'm hoping to get back to some knitting - I've missed it.