Friday, November 30, 2007

Munkeh - take 2

I finally got around to fixing green Munkeh's face. I think he looks better. I only need to finish his 2nd leg, then he will be finished. To the right is Munkeh (first time around)
Below that is the slightly revamped face of Munkeh. I'm happier with version 2.
The 3rd pix is of Munkeh with his winter hat. We are supposed to get lots of rain, wind and some snow this weekend. I figured he needed a hat.
Now that Munkeh is more to my liking, I'm not sure who will be going on our vacation in December. I may have to take some of the plastic beads out of Munkeh's tush. He is a bit heavy.
Better go, need to get some sleep, get to work tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Exciting Movie!

Today DH, Bucket & I headed off to the movies. One of the perks of being retired is being able to do most anything we want, when we want. Bucket watched the cars along the way.
Once we got there Bucket had to try out the bucket seats. Who knew the theatre had Bucket sized seats for monkeys.
We saw an exciting movie called "Hitman" with Timothy Olyphant. Lots of shooting and such but we like the exciting movies. I hope Bucket hasn't been scared for life!
Better go, DH needs me to install a disk for him on the computer. More later.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
After the turkey dinner DH and I and our dog Harry went for a walk along the Columbia River. It was quite brisk and just what we needed after lunch. In fact we had a pretty heavy frost this morning. Made me think of a house we passed yesterday. They had a huge persimmon tree in the front yard. It had no leaves but was covered in lovely bright orange persimmons. It was all I could do not to go begging at their door. Persimmons make wonderful cookies. I've heard they are better after the first frost so they should be perfect now.
Do you like tea - well really, herbal tea? I've never liked tea or coffee but recently tried herbal tea and was pleasantly surprised with all the wonderful flavors that are out there. I've been stocking up on some that sound good. I've tried nearly all of them and what wonderful flavors. I got a box of Celestial Seasonings Tangerine Orange and in the box was a 2-bag sample of Madagascar Vanilla Red herbal tea. Its made with Rooibos (roy boss) from South Africa. Wow, was that good! That gives me another flavor to search for. Now I can be like everyone else out there - carrying around my "cup of something" to drink.
This afternoon I finished up wrapping Christmas gifts and got all the out-of-town boxes packed and ready to UPS after the first of the month. I'm so happy to have that taken care of. Only thing left is to send a few Christmas cards and I even have stamps.
As you can see everyone is present and ship-shape - saying TTFN. See you soon.

Another family member

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our turkey is in the oven.
I really need to stay away from the Goodwill store. They just have toooo many cute things.
We found another new family member for the primate side of the family. Please say "hey" to Tang (short for tangerine). Is he cute of what. He nearly glows in the dark.
Gotta go work on lunch. Have a good day all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New friends

Went to the goodwill today - with Bucket navigating the way. We checked out all the shelves of Christmas decoratons, purses (one of ny favorite dept.s I got a Coach purse last time for only $15 - its dark green (fav. color). Made me happy!!
Then we went to the stuffed animal and doll aisle. We saw several monkeys of different types. Nothing really jumped up and caught my eye . . . until I saw this little guy. I guess he is more in the orangutan family. He is so darn cute, he had to come home with us (specially since Bucket kept saying "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom until I had a look at what he wanted.) Which was Congo. We love his "do" .
Had a look over at Vicious Chicken. She just finished Hairy Lee. What a cutie he is. I'm really hoping VC will sell the pattern for the "smash primates". I woud love t make a few for myself.
This is Wilmington - the first smashie primate VC mad. Don't you love his lips?

how pitiful is that?!

I emailed a lady that collects knit toys for children. I offered her my green baboon boy. I figured some little boy would enjoy having him . The woman declined because he has plastic beads in his tush. She said I should try the fire dept. That some child would enjoy him. So what, a poor kid can have plastic beads in their baboon tush but not sick kids. So don't give it to a small child who would try to get the beads out of the baboon tush and snarf them down their throat! Her loss! He may not be beautiful but he is well made and he is a lovely shade of green. You know what? He is growing on me and I may just keep him for me. I've put in a bid on a PG Tips ITV monkey. He is about 6" tall. I'm waiting to get the exact total I owe. He is a much smaller version of the original ITV monkey but he wil have to do. The big Munkeh's are going for over $60. That is just too much for those guys.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nekid Monkeys

Why is it, do you suppose, that all the monkey blogs I go to only have monkeys without clothes? As you have seen in previous pix, my monkeys have clothes on. Or, why is it, that I feel the need to put clothes on my monkeys? The first monkey I received (sock monkey) was dressed rather nattily (sp?) in hat, shirt, vest, pants & shoes. Maybe that set the tone for the monkeys at my house. Bucket (soon to be vacationing monkey) even has on socks & shoes. When Bucket was made he had a shirt and short pants on, but he felt like he was walking around in his undies (well, as much as he walks around). So I had to make his long pants. We already had the sweater and shoes from the dolls and he needed a hat - thus the bucket hat and his name.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bucket's New Duds

I took Bucket to work with me today so I could work on making him some clothes for our trip to Indiana in December. I made him a poncho and a hat. I added little loops to go over his ears so his hat won't come off and get lost. - When I got home I was rummaging thru some doll clothes and found a sweater my sister made for one of my dolls. Also a pair of tennies. Then I made Bucket a pair of long pants. Now he is all set for the trip in December. I considered taking him just the way he is made. But he felt like he was in his undies. So it really was necessary to make him a few things to wear. I also found a denim backpack that his extra hats can go in.

2 Monkeys

I got my latest monkeys finished today. Please see the pix to your right. They are Perry and Bucket, respectively. I'm quite pleased with both of them. I'm thinking of taking Bucket with me when we go on our Hols, next month. Maybe I can get some cute pix of him in Indiana. He will fit into my backpack nicely. I may have to make him a little coat before we go as the weather should be quite nippy. Gotta go, its 1:14am and I have to work tomorrow. So off to bed. Have a good day.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I finished my humanoid monkey this evenng. Pix to the right > His name is Perry. He is 11-1/2" tall. I'm pretty pleased with him. He wasn't hard to make but the yarn that was called for (Caron soft) is not a very stretchy yarn and crocheting him made my fingers quite sore from the crochet hook. I'm afraid the colors didn't come thru real well in this pix. He is a lime green and a periwinkle blue. His shirt is a nice turquoise and his shorts are a golden orange. I want to put a "P" on his chest. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

De-constructing a baboon

I sent a pleading (actually begging) email to Monkee Maker, asking about her version of the Monkee pattern. She was kind enough to send me an answer telling me where (on her blog) she had information about her changes to the ITV Monkee face. I was able to print it out and may actually be able to salvedge my ITV baboon and make him into a cutie Monkee. I will be de-constructing his face and re-making his upper jaw. We'll see how he comes out. === I'm better than 1/2 way thru the amigurumi monkey pattern. (pictured below). So far its going well and I think it will be pretty darn cute when its finished. But then again I thought the baboon boy was going to be cute also. Better go. More later.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've figured it out!

I've finally figured it out. I know what my green munkeh looks like (obviously, not a monkey). He looks like a baboon. All he needs is fangs and a red butt and he'd be spot-on. Oh well. On to other projects. I've recently purchased an amigurumi book by Gourmet Amigurumi. She makes wonderful crochet animals and humanoids. My next project wil be a monkey humanoid from her book. He is a cutie. (see pix ->). I'm hoping to have better luck with him. I think before I start any new projects I need to finish one more leg for the baboon and two hands for another monkey. Then I will feel free to start the humanoid monkey. I think I'll go to Michaels this afternoon and purchase the eyes I need for the monkey and some more poly beads for the hands, feet and butt of said monkey. Better , time for work. Its payday! Always a good day! Delete 1 – 1 of 1