Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just finished a knit elephant from "Knitatnoon".
He is a pretty cute fellow. What do you think?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Garage Sale update

My neighbor has done really well and handed me an additional $36.50 this evening, for the things she was able to sell from the stuff I left in her driveway (2 chest of drawers and misc.). Thanks Pam, very kind of you! The new total is $304. How cool is that!? Way!! Hubs has been visiting with some neighbors and asking how they did with the sale. Most say "Not too well". I guess selling most things at $1, 25c, 10c was a good thing. $304 is a lot of quarters.

Garage Sale

This weekend (Fri-Sun) is the annual garage sale here where we live. Not everyone participates but its advertised in the local fish-wrap and in the fish-wrap acros the state line. We decided to take part this year. I went thru MUCH STUFF collecting for the sale. We only had a few big things - 2 bikes, 2 chest of drawers, 2 lawn chairs, 2 small tvs, a VERY heavy doll house and lots of misc crap. The sale started at 9am on Friday. I didn't sleep AT ALL Thurs. evening and finally got out of bed at 4:30 am on Friday. My mind was buzzing and wouldn't let me sleep. About 6am I started taking things out to the driveway, and I was all ready to SELL when 9am arrived. I'm sorry I didn't take pix - didn't think of it until just this morning. But there were lots of lookers and buyers. I had a lot of things marked at 25c so there was a brisk business. I didn't spend any $ at other sales near me, but did do a bit of trading with one neighbor. She got a couple of knitting books from me and I got a couple of recipe books from her. When it was all over, I didn't have a whole lot left to try to sell on Sat. & Sun. My neighbor offered to try to sell what I had left and said just put it in her driveway (so I did). I have to work Sat. & Sun. so this was very kind of her. When all was said and done (not counting what might be made Sat, Sun) the grand total for Fri. was $268. WooHoo! I was amazed, pleased and pretty well chuffed! Thank you shoppers!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I just finished a zebra from a pattern by "Knitting at Noon". I used fun colors rather than black and white. Since zebra is for grandson Miles and he will be nearly a year old by Christmas, Miles would enjoy bright colors. I'm afraid the red looks orange but zebra is bright red and bright blue. Zebra is done in acrylic so he can be washed and dried with no ill effects.
I saw an ad on tv yesterday for a new products from Arm & Hammer. Its called Essentials cleaning products. It comes with an empty squirt bottle and small bottle of the concentrated cleaning solution. You fill the bottle with water and then add the concentrate. There are 3 flavors, All Purpose Cleaner, Window Cleaner and Cleaner/Degreaser. Then when your bottle is empty you just purchase the small concentrate and use the squirt bottle you already have. When I got groceries at Wally World this evening I purchased the cleaner/degreaser flavor. I mixed it up. Then I needed to cut up some raw bacon. My glass cutting board was a mess of grease. I got the new bottle of cleaner, squirted my greasy cutting board, pulled off 1 paper towel and wiped the cutting board. The grease was already broken down and the one paper towel cleaned the board! Best of all, the cleaners are plant based products, so besides re-using the squirt bottles, the product itself is a good thing. I just wanted to share this great product. Don't be afraid to buy it - it really works!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Huzzah!!! MM, 007 and troup are finally back from a rest-cure (or something). We're just glad they are all back. I think I heard something about a backyard pizza party in the near future. Be sure to mark your calendars! MM made 7 (count 'em, 7) more 007 look-alikes while on hols.
Welcome back MM!!