Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where in world is Stine???

I'm baaacckkk! I just had a look and discovered that someone actually made comments on some of my comments. Who knew!?! But I've been gone so long, they have probably given up on this blog. Well, maybe someone else will discover it. We'll see. Where the heck have I been - absolutely no where. Going to work, at home, same old same old. Well not exactly the same. I did apply for and got a new job where I work. Same agency, different job. I was the Exec. Asst to the Administrator (color it very stressful!) I had the job for 5 years and 3 different administrators. With each successive boss, I liked them less and less. Then the woman who had the Permit Invoicing Coordinator position retired. I applied (along with 5 others) and got the job. I've had the job since March 27. Its to do with permits for gold mining, sewer systems etc. in the state. I'm still learning the job but I do like it much better than the old job (color it less stressful and a different - less trying sort of stress). I don't have to deal with folks all day long. Folks that always want something yesterday. I'm in my cubicle (cave) and can just do my work. Funny thing is, the new person they hired in my old job has managed to talk the powers that be into hiring two other people to help her do her job. Hmmm! Enough of WORK (a four letter word!) Something new with us - In March we bought a chihuahua puppy from a friend at my work. He is now 6 months old. Last week he was "taken off his roller skates" (he got snipped). He is doing really well and didn't have any problems. They also gave him a gps chip. Not that he is ever out and about on his own to get lost but better safe than sorry. His name is Harry Barker. I'll put his pix so you can see how adorable he is. This is Harry now (6 months) This is Harry Barker when we brought him home (7 weeks) He is such a sweety. Something else exciting - Dear Husband (DH) will be retiring last dayof August. He will be 62 Sept 1. We decided he was ready. He has been at his job for 25 years this month and he works very hard everyday - he works very hard physically also. We figured he should get out while he still was in good health and had brains left in his head. Sept 10 we will have a retirement do at a good pizza place. We're inviting about 30 people. Our son and daughter-in-law wiill be flying in from Indiana for the do. Then on Sept 11 DH and I will be winging our way down to Los Angeles to visit with Mickey Mouse for a few days. We haven't been down there in about 6 or 7 years. It was before they built the California Adventure part of the park - so however long ago that was. Recently I discovered the knit or crocheted toys called "Amigurumi". Its a Japanese word meaning crochet toy (I think). There are all sorts of folks making new patterns. Lots are for sale and quite a few patterns are available for free if you know where to look. If you are interested - join up on "Crochetville" and go to the forum. Look under original patterns. There are lots of new free patterns there. I really enjoy making the small toys (instant gratification). Most of the patterns call for yarn to make them. I like to make some of the toys with the #10 crochet cotton so the toys end up being much smaller in size. That is what I like, the small size. Good grief, where does the time go? Its way past my bedtime and 5am comes pretty early. Tomorrow is Thursday (nearly Friday) - Huzzah for Friday!! -Stine


Joey Polanski said...

I seen yer little dog in a movie once.

Stine said...

Would you be referring to Mr. Barkers ears?

"All the better to hear you with, my dear"

He has big teeth also!!!!