Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pig has eyes

Finally got eyes on Pig. They are heart shaped and purple to match some of the colors on Pig. Haven't done much else in the past couple of days. Felt a bit crubbishy for a couple of days. Hoping to start some cutely moc-booties for Miles tomorrow. We'll see. Question for those across the pond - is crubbishy a combination of crap and rubbishy? Or have I got the wrong translation? Please let me know. I look foolish often enough without using the wrong words. A word I've heard a few times lately (from across the pond) is "Lippy". They were referring to lipstick. Is that a common word for lipstick or did I just happen across two folks from the same neighborhood? Hubs is involved in Toastmasters. For those who don't know, Toastmasters is a bunch of folks who meet regularly and voluntarily get up and give speeches. CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!? Not something I'd EVER join! But he really enjoys it. This evening we went to a speech competition and Hubs gave a speech he's been working on. I'd never heard him speak before a group. He was funny (everyone laughed lots) and he did a great job. I say more power to him but I'll not be signing up, thanks! As I'm typing I hear lots of "scrappy" noises near my feet. So I look over at Harry's bed and this is what I see. That is Harry in his bed ( he is the bump under the yellow baby blanket). He gets in bed and then moves around and around until he is all covered up . (or sometimes I put the blankie over him to save him time). I've no idea what he is doing under there and maybe I don't want to know.
I call his name and he pokes his head out of the covers. He is chewing on a rawhide stick. I don't know what the thrill is, but he loves them. He also has his favorite little bear under the covers with him. He likes to carry it around and he "talks" to it. Its a high whiny sort of noise. Its the only toy he talks to. His bear looks a bit the worse for wear - its well loved and so is Harry.


Kaz said...

You are quite right about crubbishy and lippy so no need to worry! Well done to your hubby, I'd rather pull my own teeth out than do public speaking.

Lovely pig, and I think it's safer not to know what Harry's up to I'd have thought!!

Leigh said...

I love Harry!!!! My YaYa sleeps totally under the covers and it is so cute! Please give Harry a big kiss and scratch from me!

Great job, with the pig eyes, I just adore them!

Oh, toastmasters! They have my respect!

trashalou said...

I got crubbish from Monkee Maker and just figured it was a funny wayof saying rubbish - please don't tell me it is rude, my kids say it!!

As for lippy, I don;t know about its prevalence in the UK but it is common parlance in Asutralia.