Thursday, June 05, 2008


This is Forrest. He is a knit bear (looks more like a dog in the picture - maybe a schnauser)). I used #2 needles and a variegated sock yarn. The colors are all the darkers greens and such you see in the forest (thus the name).
I found the pattern for the bear and the clothes over at "the purl bee".
Below is a very fuzzy close-up of his face. I took a bunch of pix of his face but he must have been wiggling around - they were all blurry. But you can get a bit of an idea what his face looks like (more bear than dog).
OOOooo, called in this afternoon and booked our flight for November to visit our son and his family in Indiana. We
were hoping to go over Thanksgiving BUT there were no seats available. So we're going the week before Thanksgiving. It doesn't matter to me - just so we get to visit.
Miles will be 10 months old by then. What fun!!!

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