Monday, July 28, 2008

More hankies

Sorry its been so long since I was here last. But I have been busy - embroidering more hankies. As you can see.
I don't think I mentioned anything about our son and family coming to visit. (ooo, bad gramma)
It was so wonderful to see son, d-i-l and grandson Miles. Of course, he had grown lots and was doing way cute things.
It was very hot when they were here and even in all that heat Miles did remarkably well with all the handling he received! He is such a happy little guy.
The pix is of Grampa, son and Miles.


Esther said...

what beautiful hankerchiefs - I bet they make great gifts!

Kitty said...

Gorgeous hankies. And gorgeous Miles too! x

Monkimom said...

Love your color combos in the embroidery and that monkey face is just so cute.

The pic of the three generations is awesome. Just noticed they are color coordinated too. Aaahhh!

lauren said...

well of course those are some very handsome lads...but i cannot help but be a bit distracted by those MARVELOUS hankies...especially the divine monkee hankee!!!

ps: your monkee-swap-swag is also MOST drool-making! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jodie said...

Gorgeos little babe and cute monkey too - you have fantabulous overload.