Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm nearly up to 100 posts on my blog! (its only taken about 4 years - ha!)
To celebrate the (nearly) 100th blog, I'm going to have a giveway. Well, that would be if anyone enters their name.
Oh, what will be in the giveaway? I will be giving one of my knit monkeys. Her name is Fern. Have a look.
If you'd like to participate and possibly get this little girl, please leave me a comment and be sure to leave your email address or send me an email at
The cutoff is Monday, Dec. 15th. So leave a comment or send me an email.
Be there or be square!


Kerry said...

Yes! I've never been first before! I think your little monkeys are so cute. They remind me of one my Grandma helped me crochet for a project when I was at high school. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post.

Jodie said...

Stine, I cannot believe the blogworld is not bashing down the door for one of these cute guys.

But as a last minute entrant I believe that kerry (commenter above) deserves it far more than I do.

Jodie said...

But secretly i would love and adore him to death!

Moogsmum said...

Aww - Fern is gorgeous!! Many congratulations on reaching your 100th post!

Your little Grandson is a stunner by the way - and getting so grown-up all of a sudden :-)