Saturday, August 20, 2011


Recently I've been into using some fun old typewriters, instead of writing with a pen. The typer in the pix is a 1921 Underwood 3 bank - meaning it only has 3 rows of keys. Its a small portable. I had it refurbished and it works like a champ. From what I've heard, typewriters are making quite a comeback. High school and college students are discovering them and typewriter repair men are swamped. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy using a typewriter. Sad thing is, there are no longer any typewriters being produced, all the factories have gone out of business. Thankfully, typewriter ribbons are still being produced. If you are interested in getting a typewriter for yourself, check out your local thrift store. They often have them for a pretty decent price. Recently I saw for for $4.99 and another for $5.99 and both of them worked just fine. Be sure you try each key and make sure that the platten moves as you type. They are fun to use, don't require electricity or batteries, just some strong fingers.

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