Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Capt Jack

Didn't go to work today - felt crummy. Worked on a new crochet toy. I was testing a pattern for a very talented lady that makes fun toy patterns. The pattern was for pirates. I made my version of Capt. jack. He turned out ok. The pattern had a bandana sort of head covering but I wanted the tri-corn hat instead. I sent a pix to the lady who made the pattern. She seemed to like it and even asked for the pattern for the tri-corn hat and asked if she could include the pattern on her sale page for the pirates. Then I had to write it out - easier said than done. But I sent it along. I'm sure she will give it a try and fix anything that needs its. This is DH last month at work. He is really chomping at the bit for Aug to be over, so of course, August will ddrrraaaaggggg something terrible. Poor bunny. I still have 4 1/2 years before I can retire. Once he has reitred he and Harry Barker can bond a bit more. Right now Harry is more likely to sit on or by me rather than DH. When its just DH and Harry, I imagine they will bond. Hopefully. Not much else going on. Have a good evening. Stine

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