Sunday, August 20, 2006

Its been a good day!

Sunday evening, nearly time for Deadwood, then toddle off to bed. Yes, its another weekend nearly all used up. A week from THursday, DH will have his last day at work. He will be retiring!!! He is so excited and soooooo gald to be leaving where he works. He has bene there for 25 years and really hates it!! Who-Ray for DH!!! -------------------------- This afternoon I was going thru the papers that always collect on flat surfaces. I came across the paper from my work that lets me know how much $ is in my retirement account. I turned it over and happened to read the last paragraph. I've been getting these papers for 20 years and never read the back before. So "happened" to turn it over and read is incorrect. I know it was God stepping in. ANyway, it said Tier 1 emplyees (me) can retired at 58 without being penalized. I figured out our finances and we can do this and still be able to save money. My birthday this coming March I will be 58. I will talk to the HR folks at work tomorrow and if it all goes as I think it will, I will be retiring this coming March. OOH MY GOSH!!! This is wonderful!!! So DH and I will be able to have some good healthy years retired together while we still have all our marbles etc. GOD is good! ---------------------------------- I did a bit of re-arranging in the closets this weekend. I cleared out the little bit of stuff in one closet and moved all my yarn into the empty closet. Have a look. Top shelf is cotton and cones of acrylic, middle is wool and bottom is acrylic and acrylic/wool. Its soo cool to be able to see all the yarn at once and know what I have. ------------------ Did a bit of carpet cleaning this afternoon also, with our new Bissell thingy. With a puppy there are always spots on the carpet. We considered and even got bids on a laminate floor. But the lowest bid was $10,000. We thought that was a bit steep and decided to purchase the carpet cleaner thingy for $200. It works a treat and the carpet looks like new!!! --------------------- Better go for now, Deadwood is beckoning (in 15 minutes). Gotta keep up on the latest. We'll talk later. -Stine

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