Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Grief

My word, its been over a year since I last posted here. Its also been over a year since DH retired. End of December will be a year of retirement for me also. Right after I retired I took a part-time job with Target. I worked there for 2 months and quit. Then took a job with Catherine's (women's clothing). Worked there about 3 months and quit. RETAIL WAS NOT FOR ME!!! == Now I work part-time at the office of the manufactured home park where we live. I work every weekend showing homes that are for sale. I also work about 6 days a month in the office answering phones, filing, making copies, general office stuff. Its worked out really well - just the right amount of hours that I need per month. Strange thing with having retired and the job I have now - I no longer bite my fingernails. I figure that the stress level has decreased so much that I don't chew my nails off any longer. They are long enough now that I'm having a bit of trouble typing. I guess I need to file them down a bit. = = = End of December DH and I are going to Indiana to visit DS and D-I-L over Christmas. We are excited about our trip! = = = End of January we are expecting our first grandbaby. DS and wife have not asked if its a girl or a boy - they want to be surprised. Also, they are not telling anyone the names they have picked out. You know how everyone feels its their duty to comment on the names and why they like it or don't. Like its any of their business. = = = I've been getting our Christmas projects finished and have everything done. I only need to wrap and box everything up for mailing. We like to get everything done early so we don't have to be out in the crowds with all the crazy shoppers. = = = Started a new knitting project a few days ago. I'm making an ITV Monkey. Its a funny monkey pattern from a TV station that used to be over in England. The monkey was part of the ITV advertisements. When he's finished I will put a pix of him here. I'm anxious to get him finished to see what he ends up looking like and what his name will be. = = = better go, I'm tired and need to hit the sack. more later - Stine

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Monkee Maker said...

Hi Stine,

Yes, you're right .... the pattern is really fiddly. I had that problem with No. 11, but I hate frogging so much that I generally don't bother .... so No. 11 has various body parts round the wrong way! Just makes him all the more endearing!

Good luck with it :)