Saturday, October 27, 2007

Knit Munkeh & Frogging

Here we are again on a Saturday. Just getting ready for work. Today is supposed to be gorgeous. Sunny and about 65f. That should bring out the punters. I really hope there aren't very many. = = = I can work on crafts or read a book when its slow at work - so I will be taking Munkeh with me. I need to frog his upper jaw and re-knit it today. I discovered last evening that I knit his jaw upside down. Once that is fixed then I only have 3 more legs to knit and all his parts will be done. Then I can put him together. I'm considering adding nostrils on his face. We'll have to see how they look. Also want to see how he would look with some fingers. I'm not sure what types of eyes he will have. I have the plastic safety type eyes or maybe knit a small piece and put the white highlight on it. I'll try the plastic eye first and see if it looks alive enough. If you'd like to see a nice looking Monkee have a look over at Monkee Maker. Hers are fabulous. Specially 007! = = = Yesterday something got me and I had sneezing fits alllllll day long. My poor nose is so sore today. So far I've not been sneezing. Hopefully whatever it was has passed. Better go for now.

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