Friday, February 01, 2008

HP33 has arrived!

HP33 arrived today from MonkeeMaker. He made pretty good time, considering how far he had to travel.
All the boys had to have a close look at the package before we could open it.

Once I cut the tape little legs emerged from the package.

Then a very cutely HP33 emerged and he had a package in his hands. What could be in there?

Oh, choccies!! HP33 would have helped himself, but since he has no fingers, he couldn't open the chocolates. Poor little guy. I'm afraid mom and dad finished them off. I think I've heard somewhere that chocolate is not good for primates, so we were just keeping him safe by eating the chocolate.

He hasn't told us his name yet. I guess we will need to get to know each other a bit first.

Thanks Monkee Maker - he is grand!!


Monkee Maker said...

Thank YOU, Stine, for buying him from my shop. Looks like he'll fit right in there with all your other monkeys!

Loving those newest little guys, they're so sweet!


Lesley said...

Hp33 looks right at home already - I love his big green faced friend!!! I may have to go and knit another monkee :)


trashalou said...

Stine, come back and visit me. I have had a slave draw your name from a basket.

Congratulations! You are a winner!!