Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just finished another monkey. Figured I'd better take a pix of him while I was thinking about it.
He is beige with speckles (a skein from the Goodwill).
I was going to name him Oatmeal but just had a brainwave - his name is "Mush" (heh, heh).


trashalou said...

Mush is lovely! Vicious Chicken has just given me a ball of something beautiful and kind of fluffy.... where did you get the pattern for your monkey?

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Mush!

Another cutie there, Stine, it looks like those monkeys are flying off your needles!


Lesley said...

I love Mush!!!! He's fab :)


Jacqui said...

Mush is really cute! Where did you get the monkey pattern? Or is it your own? I'd love to use up some of my odds and ends on some little monkeys - do share!

Cazzie said...

Love the monkey - I too would love to know if the pattern is avaialble anywhere :-)