Sunday, April 13, 2008

Zips R Us

Good Morning! I recently purchased a couple of patterns to make some bags and a couple to make some wallets. I dug out all my fun fabric (all cotton) and washed it (get rid of the sizing) and so it won't shrink any more. Then after looking at the patterns decided I needed a few zips. I went to ebay and just happened upon a box of zips that were down to the last 15 minutes. The lot of them had started at $.99. When I found it, the price was about $3.00. After a few last minute bids, I got the box of zips for $9.00. I know that sounds a bit much but when you consider a zipper is several dollars each, I figured I'd gotten a pretty good deal.
About a week later when hubs had gone to get the mail, he came in with this very heavy box and said "What is this?" I said it was a "few" zippers that I'd won on ebay.
So I opened the lid of the box. I was amazed at how many were jammed in there. There was a little note tucked inside from the seller, letting me know that they had included a few extra zips "as a bonus". There are short, long, plastic, metal, small teeth to HUGE teeth, every color and every length.
Just so you know what a bargain I got, have a look at them all sitting on my computer.
Guess how many are there? Go on, guess!
Give up? Well with the "Bonus" zippers, there are well over 300 zips. If I lay them end to end, I could probably go the moon and back!
I think I have enough to pick from for making my new projects. Probably won't EVER have to purchase another zip as long as I live. I know, I will leave them to someone in my will. Such a bargain!
Have a good day, we'll talk some more later!


Monkee Maker said...

Heavens to mergatroid - that's one heck of a load of zips .... what a bargain!

Have fun with them!


Leigh said...

You hit pay dirt! Enjoy zipping!!!

Kaz said...

Wow you struck gold there!! Shame I don't live near to you as you never know when you'll need one of a certain size or colour!!