Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I just finished a zebra from a pattern by "Knitting at Noon". I used fun colors rather than black and white. Since zebra is for grandson Miles and he will be nearly a year old by Christmas, Miles would enjoy bright colors. I'm afraid the red looks orange but zebra is bright red and bright blue. Zebra is done in acrylic so he can be washed and dried with no ill effects.
I saw an ad on tv yesterday for a new products from Arm & Hammer. Its called Essentials cleaning products. It comes with an empty squirt bottle and small bottle of the concentrated cleaning solution. You fill the bottle with water and then add the concentrate. There are 3 flavors, All Purpose Cleaner, Window Cleaner and Cleaner/Degreaser. Then when your bottle is empty you just purchase the small concentrate and use the squirt bottle you already have. When I got groceries at Wally World this evening I purchased the cleaner/degreaser flavor. I mixed it up. Then I needed to cut up some raw bacon. My glass cutting board was a mess of grease. I got the new bottle of cleaner, squirted my greasy cutting board, pulled off 1 paper towel and wiped the cutting board. The grease was already broken down and the one paper towel cleaned the board! Best of all, the cleaners are plant based products, so besides re-using the squirt bottles, the product itself is a good thing. I just wanted to share this great product. Don't be afraid to buy it - it really works!!!


Jodie said...

That guy is great - he looks like a circus zebra

Monkimom said...

What a cheerful buddy he will make for Miles, the arms and legs good for lugging along.

The concentrate to make your own cleaner and reuse the bottle sounds like a great idea...will definitely give it a go! Thanks for the tip.