Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Swap Arrival

Look at the cutie monkey girl that arrived today. She is from my very first (ever!) swap participant. She is from my new friend Patty in Virginia. . The little monkey girl's name is Gin. Is she adorable or what!! Don't you love her cape? You did notice the cutely matching shoes, didn't you! . After removing her cape you can see her cute chest &
tummy - there is a sparky gold leaf on it. . I believe I love this swapping thingy! 1st. You meet new people, 2nd. You get a package in the post! Everyone LOVES getting packages in the post, 3rd (& BEST) I get a NEW MONKEY!!! How cool is that!! WAY!! Thanks Patty, you did a great job making Gin! She is terribly cute!


Kitty said...

Awww, she's lovely! x

Jodie said...

She is gorgeous - well done patty !!!

Kaz said...

She's gorgeous, I shall have to get a move on!! I'm loving the monkeys you've been making, I still haven't attempted that pattern yet!