Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monkey Swappage #2!!

Yesterday I received Monkey Swap #2. He was made by Eve from Eve's Evocations in England. What a cutie! He has poseable arms and wiggly eyes. He told me his name is Rustle (rusty orange color). Eve also sent a wonderful bar of dark chocolate but alas, its not longer available for pictures. Hubs and I made short work of it.

Thank you so much Eve! He is truly adorable! I hope you have received my half of the swap. I mailed it the same day you mailed yours.

I also found a new monkey at the local Goodwill. His name is Truffle (Truff for short). He came with the stocking cap, scarf and a snowflake sweater. (put the sweater away until we get some cool weather). Isn't he a fit?!

Thanks again Eve for cutely Rustle, nice job!

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your monkey from Eve is gorgeous! It's good to see what a non-hairy one looks like too! I love the look of your monkey swap! Lucy x