Friday, May 30, 2008

Parcels in the post!

Hubs came in the house with the mail. I asked if there was anything fun. He said "There is a package for you".
A package for me, I'm not expecting anything.
OOOooo, we love parcels in the post!!!!!!
It came all the way from Australia!
After I ripped it open I found some fun things from Jodie over to RicRac. There was a very wise owl who told me his name is Owen. I love how the fabric makes him look feathery. There was also one of Jodie's keychains with some of her selvedges inside - Very cute.
There was also a lovely bookmark made from her precious selvedges. Also a passel of cutely fabric yo-yos. I may make something for the monkeys from the yo-yos.
Jodie, thank you very much! Nice work on all of them!


Kaz said...

Lovely lovely goodies, I love parcels in the post too!

Your parcel from me is ready to go to the post office on Monday - whoo!!

Monkimom said...

Surprise posts are the BEST!! Such fun goodies. Owen is quite handsome.

What a treat getting Jodie selvedge keychain and bookmark.

Hummm! Curious what the monkeys will have from the cutely yoyos??

Jodie said...

I'm glad you liked your parcel...but not half as much i liked those selvedges LOL!