Monday, October 27, 2008

Its all done!

You thought I meant all the boxes have been emptied and everything put away?! HA! Not pickin likely, my friends!!! No, what I refer to is that all the things that needed fixing in our place have been taken care of by the landlord and his workmen. New toilet in the master bath, new switch for the garbage disposal (thats all it was) and the faucets for the washer no longer lead (everywhere). Thanks guys! Also the new washer was delivered this morning and I've been washing lots of things and it works like a champ! Its an LG (Life's Good). Tomorrow we are going to try and get an Ohio drivers license. We'll see how that goes. I went by Hobby Lobby this afternoon (what a fun store!!!). I found a few pix for the walls. Had a look at some of the Christmas decorations. Wow, that could take hours. . . . Better go, need my sleep for the written test for a new license (I hope).

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Jill said...

The first pic. of my little( yours in fact) monkeygirl is now published on my blogg.
But she is soooo very shy....