Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Big Move!!

Been gone a while! We decided to sell our home and move from Oregon to Indiana. Why? you ask? We wanted to be closer to our son and his family (our only grandchild Miles). We wanted to be involved in their lives and not be the grandparents Miles aw once a year. We put our home up for sale on Friday. Sat. the realtor called and asked if he could bring someone by - eventhough the house was a shambles and not ready for anyone to see it (packing boxes everywhere!!). We said "Sure, come on over". The lady liked the house and they left. During the next week I got the house squared away and cleared all the counters so it would look as large as possible. The following Sat. (1 week later) the same lady came by and was pleased with what she saw and kept commenting on "how large" the house was. She made an offer, we countered and we hade a deal. Two weeks later we signed, got our check and 3 days later the movers hauled our things away. We loaded our car with the basics, put the dog in his car seat and away we went toward Indiana. We discovered we could only drive about 8 hours a day (about 350 miles). That was all we could handle. It took us 6 days from Oregon to Indiana. We are staying at our sons home until our things arrive. But we did find a new place to live,. Its on a cul-d'sac (sp?). Its one of a 4 plex. All on ground level. It has all the things we were looking for - air conditioning, washer/dryer hookup, & takes dogs. Most all the neighbors are retired so it should be fairly quiet. We're hoping to move in within the week. Once we're settled, I'm hoping to get back to some knitting - I've missed it.


Kitty said...

Oh my word ... well no wonder you've been missing! That is a seriously quick move!

Thinking of you and hoping it all goes well in the next week or so.

Take care. x

Kaz said...

Wow Chris that all happened so quickly, and I'm glad it did. Who wants to dither once your mind is made up. It took 6 months for my sale to go through.

Please e-mail me your new address once you get settled, which I'm hoping will be very soon.

Lesley said...

Wow - what a quick move!!!

I hope you settle into your new home quickly and enjoy all that precious time with your little grandson :)