Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I was less thn kind about the new owner where we now live. He has been by and has sent his plumber by to have a look-see. The plumber will be by today and replace the cracked toilet, put in a new garbage disposal and fix the leaking knob in the laundry room. Thank you owner - you are looking after things! Our things finally arrived this past Friday. How that driver ooched that 18-wheeler into the cul-d'sac I'll never know - but he did it really well. The guys got everything unloaded in about 4 hours. The furniture is all in the house and in the correct rooms. The garage is full of all the boxes and boxes and boxes. The new tv is hooked up to Directv but as yet, we haven't been able to find the Directv box. It will probably be in the LAST PICKING BOX. My sister says to find the box that looks like its the last one and look in it now. The kitchen is a complete shambles - boxes everywhere and "stuff" all over the sideboards. I'm working on the kitchen today. Its hard trying to decide where to put things. I went thru things while packing and lots went to the Goodwill. I've started another Goodwill pile of things we just don't have room for. The 2nd bedroom seems to be getting lots of boxes that "I'll go thru later". Goodgrief, this is going to take forever. I did put up some pictures yesterday. It really makes a room look finished. I took a few pixs of the chaos but I haven't been able to find the cord to hook the camera to the computer - its probably in the box with the directv box (sigh) Oh the "best" (not) thing yet. Went to do a load of wash and the washer was acting strange. Called "The Appliance Man". He came out to have a look. He asked if we had stabilized the washer before it was moved? Do what? Its a front loader and that is supposed to be done before its moved. Seems there are these large cement weights inside (for whatever reason) and the moving smashed them all to heck. When the repairman open up the front panel on the washer all these bits and pieces of cement and electronic parts fell out (that is a bad thing). He just sighed and said it would be less expensive to buy a new washer - which we did. Its being delivered today. Today I will be calling the movers to see if we can get any money for our wrecked washer. I'm not holding my breath. I better go work on the kitchen. I probably should do something with my hair before any deliverymen show up - I look a little wild right now. More later.

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Kitty said...

We've been in this new place for 3 months, and I still haven't put some bits away. I've moved the kitchen round twice in that time too - you have to live with it a while before you 'know' where to put stuff!