Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So mortified!

Last Saturday DH & I went to the coast for the day. After we got home we were really exhausted (fairly long drive) - so we went to bed early. Move on to Tuesday - today. I got an email from our DS D (dear son D). Always happy to get emails from him! So I opened it and he was asking how was the concert on Saturday evening? Concert, what concert? OH CRAP! He and his lovely wife got us tickets for a Lord of the Rings concert for our wedding anniversary. It was for last Saturday evening and in our exhaustion we completely spaced it! I called DH and told him about the email. I said "What do we do?" He said -well I won't tell you what he said. But I sent an email to DS and told him the truth and how terrible we both felt. (So embarrassing!!!) I offered to repay him for the tickets but he said "Its your gift and you did with it what you wanted" Well not really. We had every intention of going to the concert. I tried to be pitiful and tell him we are getting older and tend to forget things, but I don't think it did much good. More later.

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