Friday, September 30, 2005

Once More Into The Breech

Good Morning All - What a joke. I don't believe a single person has discovered this ridiculous blog of mine. But thats ok by me. --- Have you seen all the knitted babes over at the blog. What a fit. They are all so cute! I've nearly finished the body of my second "Babe". I'm using a thinner yarn this time so she will be quite a bit smaller. She will have an asian look as I'm using a light yellow yarn and plan to make her eyes look asian also. Not quite sure just how I'll do that. We'll see how she turns out. --- Its raining today. First we've had in quite a while. I'd forgotten what a pain in the tush it is to have to carry a bumbershoot. Plus there was a bit of wind as I was walking to the bus stop and now my bangs are all wonky. Of course, they will stay that way all day. Crap. --- My boss is gone most of today. I'm hoping to get my desk and such all tidied up today. Only one more week until we are on vacation for a week. I want everything at my desk all put away before I leave. DS says Indiana will be gorgeous this time of year with all the trees changing. --- Did I tell you we have a large portion of our Christmas shopping all finished? Stop frowning like that, your face will freeze that way! Yeppers, its true. Then next week we will receive our Christmas Club check from the credit union. Then we can get out those catalogs we've been perusing and order fun stuff for ourselves and our nearest & dearest. I already have wrapping paper purchased. Only need some ribbon and stickon type "To/From" labels. I can probably get them at the "Dollar Tree". I'm sure they have their Christmas stuff out already, or pretty darn soon. --- Better go for today. Gotta get started on the tidying up of the 'ol cubicle. --- Have a wonderful weekend! -Stine

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