Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Grayling Starr

Good Morning! Wanted to share my latest knitting project. Her name is Grayling Starr. She is a "Knitted Babe" from the book of the same name. She is knitted in the round and her arms & legs are I-cord.


shannon peterson said...

hi I've just started making knitted babes- I saw on the knit along site you mentioned that you knit in the round- is there some special technique or did you just do the increases and decreases as indicated on the pattern? I know how to knit in the round, but I'm concerned because I've never used DPN to knit anything so small as the neck portion. Just wanted to check before I start and perhaps become frustrated. Thanks

shannon peterson said...

sorry, I forgot to leave my email incase you want to respond,