Sunday, November 04, 2007

De-constructing a baboon

I sent a pleading (actually begging) email to Monkee Maker, asking about her version of the Monkee pattern. She was kind enough to send me an answer telling me where (on her blog) she had information about her changes to the ITV Monkee face. I was able to print it out and may actually be able to salvedge my ITV baboon and make him into a cutie Monkee. I will be de-constructing his face and re-making his upper jaw. We'll see how he comes out. === I'm better than 1/2 way thru the amigurumi monkey pattern. (pictured below). So far its going well and I think it will be pretty darn cute when its finished. But then again I thought the baboon boy was going to be cute also. Better go. More later.

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the vicious chicken said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments on my blog. The monkeys I have knitted both used the Sirdar pattern, but with a bit of tweaking as per the notes on Monkee Maker's blog (Like you, I love how hers look!)

With mine, the noses still came out quite squareish - but I just tried to mould them into a more rounded shape when I stuffed them (I'm very technical like that). They still have quite frilly lips though - haven't quite cracked that one yet!

I think your green gorilla is cute - but I hope you manage to get the effect you want with your alterations. Look forward to seeing pictures!