Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've figured it out!

I've finally figured it out. I know what my green munkeh looks like (obviously, not a monkey). He looks like a baboon. All he needs is fangs and a red butt and he'd be spot-on. Oh well. On to other projects. I've recently purchased an amigurumi book by Gourmet Amigurumi. She makes wonderful crochet animals and humanoids. My next project wil be a monkey humanoid from her book. He is a cutie. (see pix ->). I'm hoping to have better luck with him. I think before I start any new projects I need to finish one more leg for the baboon and two hands for another monkey. Then I will feel free to start the humanoid monkey. I think I'll go to Michaels this afternoon and purchase the eyes I need for the monkey and some more poly beads for the hands, feet and butt of said monkey. Better , time for work. Its payday! Always a good day! Delete 1 – 1 of 1

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