Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New friends

Went to the goodwill today - with Bucket navigating the way. We checked out all the shelves of Christmas decoratons, purses (one of ny favorite dept.s I got a Coach purse last time for only $15 - its dark green (fav. color). Made me happy!!
Then we went to the stuffed animal and doll aisle. We saw several monkeys of different types. Nothing really jumped up and caught my eye . . . until I saw this little guy. I guess he is more in the orangutan family. He is so darn cute, he had to come home with us (specially since Bucket kept saying "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom until I had a look at what he wanted.) Which was Congo. We love his "do" .
Had a look over at Vicious Chicken. She just finished Hairy Lee. What a cutie he is. I'm really hoping VC will sell the pattern for the "smash primates". I woud love t make a few for myself.
This is Wilmington - the first smashie primate VC mad. Don't you love his lips?

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Robyn said...

Bucket is fun and he looks cute there on the dash. His clothes are nice. Too bad about the baboon guy. That lady is missing out. Wilmington has some major lips going on and I like the hairy guy. Too funny!