Friday, November 30, 2007

Munkeh - take 2

I finally got around to fixing green Munkeh's face. I think he looks better. I only need to finish his 2nd leg, then he will be finished. To the right is Munkeh (first time around)
Below that is the slightly revamped face of Munkeh. I'm happier with version 2.
The 3rd pix is of Munkeh with his winter hat. We are supposed to get lots of rain, wind and some snow this weekend. I figured he needed a hat.
Now that Munkeh is more to my liking, I'm not sure who will be going on our vacation in December. I may have to take some of the plastic beads out of Munkeh's tush. He is a bit heavy.
Better go, need to get some sleep, get to work tomorrow.


Monkee Maker said...

Oh yes, he looks much happier with himself now!

Mind you, he'll probably be even more ecstatic when he's got his other leg back on!!


the vicious chicken said...

I'm glad you're more pleased with him now. I think he looks good too :o)

Stine said...

Monkee Maker - thanks for your comment on GM (Green Munkeh). He really does look better and seems to be a happier primate. Specially since he no longer lists to one side - he has his other leg attached.

We're waiting for that next email letting us know when more MM primates will be going on sale!! Keep up the good work!

Stine said...

VC - Thanks for your kind comment on GM. He does seem more pleased with himself. I did take some of the plastic beads out of his body and he isn't quite so heavy to carry along on outings.