Tuesday, November 20, 2007

how pitiful is that?!

I emailed a lady that collects knit toys for children. I offered her my green baboon boy. I figured some little boy would enjoy having him . The woman declined because he has plastic beads in his tush. She said I should try the fire dept. That some child would enjoy him. So what, a poor kid can have plastic beads in their baboon tush but not sick kids. So don't give it to a small child who would try to get the beads out of the baboon tush and snarf them down their throat! Her loss! He may not be beautiful but he is well made and he is a lovely shade of green. You know what? He is growing on me and I may just keep him for me. I've put in a bid on a PG Tips ITV monkey. He is about 6" tall. I'm waiting to get the exact total I owe. He is a much smaller version of the original ITV monkey but he wil have to do. The big Munkeh's are going for over $60. That is just too much for those guys.

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