Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bucket's New Duds

I took Bucket to work with me today so I could work on making him some clothes for our trip to Indiana in December. I made him a poncho and a hat. I added little loops to go over his ears so his hat won't come off and get lost. - When I got home I was rummaging thru some doll clothes and found a sweater my sister made for one of my dolls. Also a pair of tennies. Then I made Bucket a pair of long pants. Now he is all set for the trip in December. I considered taking him just the way he is made. But he felt like he was in his undies. So it really was necessary to make him a few things to wear. I also found a denim backpack that his extra hats can go in.


the vicious chicken said...

Wow, the monkeys are multiplying at your house! I'm very impressed with the new additions (I never did master crochet, so it fills me with wonder and admiration!)

About the PG monkeys - the teeny tiny ones are being given away at the moment with big boxes of PG Tips, but I suspect they're only available in the UK. The slightly larger ones were a previous giveaway, which are no longer available. But, there seem to be lots of both sizes on evil ebay, if you are keen enough to get one... or you could try to find a kind Brit who might send you one, but I'm afraid it can't be me - sorry - as we already have EIGHT boxes of 160 teabags to use. NBM will leave me if I buy any more. Seriously.

Good luck on your quest, though :o)

Patti said...

Have to say they are some cool monkeys you have. Hi monkeys